Tips for hiring a hacker:

mobile phone hackers for hire/Tips for hiring a hacker:

The primary step in making sure your application is ready for prime time is to hire a professional hacker to do your penetration testing. According to Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations who frequently writes on security, external penetration testing like this will improve your internal penetration testing, including patching systems. Hiring a professional hacker will help you to know which parts are necessary and which should be on the basis of priority. If you are also looking for hiring a professional database hacker, then continue reading this article-


Dust off your Rolodex

Training is available from organizations such as (ISC)2 and SANS Institute, and EC-Council offers a Certified Ethical Hacker certification. A group of practitioners has also defined penetration test performance standards. Many businesses choose well-known consulting firms, which can be more expensive than smaller firms. On the other hand, Veteran penetration testers find that word of mouth and referrals from trusted peers are the most reliable means for identifying skilled and ethical penetration testers. According to Dan Berger, head of IT security assessment and consulting business Red Spin, certifications are not necessary because penetration testing is “an art form,” traits such as curiosity, ingenuity, and imagination are more important than credentials.

Understand your environment

According to Stephen Coty, chief security campaigner at security-as-a-service vendor Alert Logic, Asset discovery is arguably the single most important aspect. You don’t know what you are sensitive to. Using automated techniques to scan your surroundings to help you to know which systems are most important and demand extra testing.

Set your budget

The cost of external pen testing depends on the size of the environment and the duration of the engagement. According to Zenko, many companies offer “commoditized” concentrations that last one to ten days, cost $10,000 to $12,000, and include pictures and sample code as well as a prioritized remedial strategy. Many attacks are involved. An entrance exam is a great way to clean the budget if your executive team cares about safety.

Tap different skillset

Gilliland hires several vendors to test different elements of our system. Someone takes care of the physical infrastructure, someone takes care of the software stack, and someone takes care of the cloud business operations, he explains. He also appoints different types of examiners for each round of the test. Different hackers use different tools and attacks, moving between them will reveal different vulnerabilities.

Scope your pen testing

More extensive and invasive pen-testing may reveal more vulnerabilities, but it is more expensive and risks critical applications and data. According to Zenko, some businesses artificially restrict the attack surface to prevent the red team from attacking vendors that can use as stumbling blocks in corporate networks or when customers have access to hacks. There is a lack of resources for the system repairs done. He claims that such restrictions indicate that higher management doesn’t want to hear unpleasant news. If you test different sections of your infrastructure separately, it’s also less likely that you’ll be overwhelmed by all the test results.


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