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It may seem like roaming around blindly folded if you are trying to hire a hacker on the internet for the first time. You can be assured if you have a guide to walk you through. As we all know, many hacking services are now available, but it is still not the pool where you can dive with both feet.


Like everything else, hacking also comes with its share of blessings and curses of the worst. Also, It would help if you always approached it with caution.



Why do you need to hire a hacker?


If we see a few years back, the only way to hire a hacker was through the dark web. However,  all of that has changed with new technologies. Now hacking services are offered in the mainstream to those who are interested.


When hiring a hacker, you all need to gather the correct information about hackers. With the right information, you could avoid any mistakes while trying to find hackers. You can hire a hacker for:


  • Cell phone hacker: services offered by a cell phone hacker could be hacking text messages, WhatsApp, social media hacks, etc. There are several more options for customers to choose from.


  • Social media hacker: one of the most demanded hacking is of social media accounts. Hacking social media has become very popular nowadays. Hackers enter the social media account's password to access the report quickly.


  • Email hacker: hacking emails is as same as social media hacking. Email hacking is their professional task. They can also hack emails protected by different sources.


  • Website hack or database hack: these services are offered by many hackers. Simply these hackers replace the website's homepage with the message their client provided. Website hacking can exploit applications via HTTP.


  • Content removal hack: if there is undesired or harmful content about you or your business on the internet, you can easily hire a hacker to remove it from the link.


  • Online reputation hack: building or destroying one's reputation individually or of any business company is another service the group of hackers offers.


How to find the best hackers?


If we look at the category of hackers, there are three types of hackers: white hat hackers, grey hat hackers, and black hat hackers. Let's look at some categories of hackers. It will help you out while hiring a professional hacker.


  • A good hacker or white-hat hacker: this kind of hacker possesses professional qualities and can provide satisfactory investigative services. These hackers are highly recommended if you are looking for one. They are also referred to as ethical hackers.


  • Evil hackers or grey hat hackers are those who exaggerate their abilities and end up disappointing their clients. They always demand a large amount of ransom. If not paid, they would sell your information to the world.


  • The worst hacker or black hat hackers: these hackers don't have any abilities. They want to earn money by ditching their clients without delivering services. These hackers are criminals.


Also, have you ever heard the saying, "it takes a thief to catch a thief"? Yes! You got it right, and all hackers are not bad.


Some white hat hackers or ethical hackers willingly dedicate their services to working professionally and identifying security flaws rather than exploiting them. If you hire an ethical hacker, he will always find spots in your network and ask you to resolve them before a black hat hacker could exploit them.


What to look for in a hacker?


Not everybody possesses the mindset and qualities necessary for analyzing a system of vulnerabilities. You must see how he is making the system work better for a user or delivering his best against a complex requirement schedule.


Usually, all these qualities are possessed by an ethical hacker, so try to find one. The professionals working on these activities can manage the company's network, machines, and servers. He should know all the tools, methodologies, and techniques expert hackers use. He should have these skills:


  • Networking skills
  • Computer skills
  • Linux skills
  • Programming skills
  • SQL skills
  • Database skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Hardware knowledge


Networking skills:

An ethical hacker must have good networking skills. It is one of the most critical skills a hacker should know. The computer network is the interconnection between many devices to send or receive data. Knowledge of ethical hacking helps to explore multiple interconnected devices and identify security threats that might create. If the hacker knows networking skills, he can resolve those threats.


Computer skills:

To locate potential threats, a hacker must know about computer skills. Strong knowledge of computer systems is essential for ethical hacking. Computer hacking skills allow a hacker to operate a computer and interconnected devices. The hacker should know the basic and advanced technologies of computers such as processing data, computer file management, database management, calculations programming, etc.


Linux skills:

Linux is a free, open-source website operating system based on the Linux kernel. The source can be modified and distributed to anyone under a GNU license. Linux is the most secure operating system.


Programming skills:

Programming skills in one of the other crucial skills. Every ethical hacker must know the programming languages. Some of the programming languages are:


  1. Java
  2. C+++
  3. Python
  4. PHP
  5. SQL


SQL skills:

To become an efficient, ethical hacker, you must know SQL skills. It is one of the programming languages which are used for hacking all around the globe.


Hardware knowledge:

Knowledge of computer hardware is also necessary for hacking. Therefore, if a person wants to hack a machine that is controlled by a computer, he must know about the device or how it works. Then he could have access to that machine easily.


Problem-solving skills:

An ethical hacker must have critical and strategic thinking. With technological strategies, problem-solving skills play an essential role in understanding and solving the problem's root. This needs lots of tests and discovering new ways of solving problems. Problem-solving abilities and analytical skills are far the essential qualities of an ethical hacker.


How to properly vet a hacker?


To strengthen of business's data security, you must work with MSP (managed service provider) and ITSP (I.T service provider). They prevent cybercriminals from exploiting network vulnerabilities. They shield your networks and prevent them from cyber-attacks. It will help if you abode by some best practices in the cybersecurity department. These practices include  


  1. Enforce multi-factor authentication
  2. Make patching a priority
  3. Conduct regular cybersecurity audits
  4. Have an off-site backup
  5. Incorporate log monitoring
  6. Launch phishing campaigns
  7. Choose your software wisely and set endpoints
  8. Set alerts


Your MSPs must be well established to ensure that black hat hackers don't get their hands on important information. But if your hacker hasn't introduced off-site backups and regular patches. Also, you are not getting your money's worth if your hired hacker isn't delivering the necessary results.


Why do you need to be careful with hiring a hacker?


The hiring of hackers is now a trend these days. People are hiring them on high pay to make their security systems protected. But are they sure that they are protected or in more trouble now? You should know a hacker's background, and he must not have any criminal background.


He must be an ethical hacker doing his job legally and willingly with all his efforts to help people. The hacker you are going to hire should be trustworthy. If you don't trust a person, don't let him into your security networks. You cannot trust a thief to be your bodyguard.


 Without losing anything, a hacker can directly access your security without your consent, and you can't do anything. They can access your security system, and you'll never know the changes they make while working on it, and you will be dependent on them to fix it. There are possibilities that they will make you bleed dry out of money and also use your security system for their illegal activities.



Hackers are quickly hired from the dark web. You can even find hackers on the surface web. Most hackers on the dark web are criminals. But hiring these hackers is a crime itself. Employing a hacker can be tricky sometimes. The hiring of someone you won't know can be dangerous to you. How can you be sure about someone whom you never knew before?


How do you know whether you can trust them or not? Also, how could they prove their skills to you sometime? How can you test them for their trustworthiness? This debate is never going to be ended about whether hiring a hacker is good or not?


But if you luckily get to know ethical hackers online, you will be bounded to agree to their terms of service. Also, Ethical hackers, commonly known as white hat hackers, are the most reputable.