The Best Certified Ethical Hackers in the USA

certified hackers for hire/The Best Certified Ethical Hackers in the USA

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Certifications are the most fundamental considerations when it comes to ethical hacking. There are different types of certifications that hackers should obtain before they can offer penetration testing services. However, there are already many ethical hackers for hire in the USA which make choosing the best one more difficult.

Penetration Testing = Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking, also known as penetration testing, is the practice of emulating legitimate cyberattacks on Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, networks, software, users, and web apps in order to gauge their level of protection.



Your assumptions about a network’s security are always going to be wrong until it’s been compromised. You should have professional ethical hackers or pen testers look it over before cyber criminals do. These have become fundamental IT security practices every company should embrace now.

Why Do We Need Certified Ethical Hacking Services?

Ethical hacking continues to exist as a means to protect private information from hackers. A certified ethical hacker can foil attempts at data theft by malicious hackers. Only through the use of ethical hacking can a company monitor security flaws and potential dangers to its private information.


Ethical hacking is sanctioned by the state in order to limit the dissemination of sensitive information about political influence and hostile states. Ethical hacking services help to prevent cyber-terrorism and other forms of terrorist attacks, which is of paramount importance to the security of any nation.


With the help of ethical hackers, businesses and government agencies may avoid the legal and reputational problems that can arise when sensitive data is stolen. Attackers could extort or disclose sensitive information if they gain access to private information. Increasing the safety of digital networks makes it simple to prevent intrusions through testing in realistic environments.



Taking preventative measures in advance from all businesses is highly beneficial. Increasing security is a simple way to win back the trust of one’s clientele and customers. Hackers see things as they really are and are aware of every possible way in. Fixing those access points is crucial for crisis prevention.

The Companies

If you want to hire professional hackers who can help with your IT security requirements and preferences, you better start with reliable ones. We’ve listed some certified ethical hacking companies that you can consider below.


The Californian IT security company, CrowdStrike provides Penetration Testing Services that mimic real attacks on various components of your IT environment in order to assess the detection and responding capacities of your human resources, processes, and technology. Additionally, they identify areas of your environment that are vulnerable to attack by determining where vulnerabilities exist.


BreachLock uses both humans and AI for its penetration testing services. They would subject your public cloud, applications, and networks to extensive, ongoing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, yielding actionable results. The company is currently based in New York and provides professional hackers services for different ranges of clients in the US.


Utilizing hacker-powered security, HackerOne revolutionizes how you deal with vendor security evaluations and compliance requirements. You get more coverage, faster findings, and more streamlined remediation workflows from penetration tests with the innovative, community-driven approach HackerOne consistently embraces. The company is currently based in San Francisco, California and provides solid penetration testing services.

Mitnick Security

Mitnick Security improves your security posture with the ultimate in security services, penetration testing. Alongside a team of white hat hackers, Kevin Mitnick will work with you to plan a customized attack, execute the hack, and provide prioritized recommendations for moving forward. The company’s headquarter is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada.


To address the shortage of skilled workers in the security industry, Bugcrowd has developed a crowdsourced platform to recruit, screen, and place pen testers. For compliance-based penetration testing, quick provisioning and high-quality, real-time insights are essential. Bugcrowd is a California-based IT security company providing certified hacking services, especially penetration testing.


ImmuniWeb provides penetration testing for web applications that are scalable, fast, and DevSecOps-enabled, with individualized recommendations for fixing vulnerabilities and a promise of no false positives. To supplement, intensify, and speed up web app pen testing, it employs award-winning AI technologies. Even though the company is based in Geneva, Switzerland, it has a global reputation and apparently serves many US clients.


The company’s many years of experience conducting penetration tests and getting into all sorts of challenges have developed its expertise in this field. They will assist clients in preventing intruders from entering. Raxis performs hundreds of different types of penetration tests each year that make their portfolio unquestioned. The IT security company is based in Atlanta and serves hundreds to thousands of clients a year.

Offensive Security

Offensive Security has developed labs specifically for the purpose of enabling IT and security professionals to study hacking tactics, hone their security and penetration testing abilities, and get a feel for what it is like to be enrolled in the company’s highly coveted certification programs. Headquartered in New York, Offensive Security attracts both hacker candidates and top-ranked clients who pursue their skilled graduates.

Synack, Redwood City

Synack is a security testing company that conducts its tests in an intelligent manner by utilizing the appropriate mix of AI and humans.  Its Crowdsourced Security Testing Platform offers the most thorough, continuous penetration test in the business, along with results that can be acted upon. The company is currently settled in Redwood City and is considered one of the best-certified hackers in the USA.

Redbot Security

It is concentrating its efforts on offering the greatest customer service and delivering services as quickly as possible in the industry. They work on any scale of IT security projects including ICS/SCADA, internal/external IT networks, or even complex application tests. This capability allows the company to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Redbot Security has been on its senior level in providing so-called Manual Controlled Penetration Testing(MCPT).