Best Spy Camera App for Android 2022

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Best Spy Camera App for Android 2022

There are countless useful apps for dealing with mundane tasks and expanding your Android device’s functionality available in the Google Play store. In addition to the incredible use of these applications, there is also some amazing spy camera for android that can provide you with a lot of peace of mind in a variety of precarious scenarios.

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Quick Video Recorder

When it comes to spying and discreetly recording movies, Quick Video Recorder has a really big name for its effectiveness. You may use Quick Video Recorder to take photos and record video without having to launch the camera app. The user can keep working while the video is being recorded in the background. With the screen turned off, the user can still record video.

The Quick Video Recorder app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Millions of people have downloaded the app from Google Play Store. Simple and straightforward, the app’s UI leaves little room for confusion. The record button is prominently displayed the moment you launch the app.


When you install Quick Video Recorder, it adds two new icons to your desktop: one for taking screenshots and another for recording video. You can begin recording immediately by clicking the symbols without first launching the application.

Background Video Recorder

Another program that serves a similar purpose to Quick Video Recorder is Background Video Recorder. Without using the camera app or making any audible shutter noises, you can record covert films with this amazing app. The camera recording can be set at predetermined intervals that you can schedule.


There are advertisements within the app, but they do not detract from the overall experience. Adjusting the video’s resolution and the camera’s settings will yield the desired results. Unfortunately, users will have to launch the app every moment they want to start recording the video because there is no dedicated icon for the one-touch recording.


As one of the most well-known phone spying app in the market, iRecorder comes with awesome functions and features. It’s just like the first two apps we’ve mentioned.   It’s a great example of its type and performs exactly what it claims to do. Yes, videos can be recorded in the background, even if the screen is off.


Videos can also be trimmed to conserve storage space. Similarly to the aforementioned programs, you can prearrange when the video will be recorded. The settings for recording can be adjusted by the user to match your requirements and preferences.

Hidden Camera

The only thing that remotely resembles this software is its ability to identify hidden cameras. If you like to trip and stay in hotels frequently, this app will come in handy. There have been numerous instances of hotels leaking private guest footage on the internet.


This stealth camera app can identify metal and electronic gadgets by their magnetic fields. When you bring your phone near any form of electronic gadget, this hidden camera-detecting software will sound an alarm.

Silent Camera

The Silent Camera is a perfect cellphone spy app if you’d want to shoot pictures or record movies without the usual shutter sound. It’s a no-cost program that lets you snap professional-grade shots rapidly and quietly.


In addition to the silent mode, your built-in camera also has a plethora of other options that improve its usefulness. Auto/manual focus,  resizer, white balance, crop, and many other filters are available in the app. SD Card is where the photos and videos you take will be kept.

Easy Video Recorder

The Easy Video Recorder is undoubtedly a useful program that records videos in the background with a single button without launching your camera app. Video can be recorded indefinitely, even if the screen is turned off, and uploaded to Google Drive or other cloud storage platforms.

The video recording may be activated in a number of ways, including by pressing the volume button, moving the phone, or even by face recognition. The program is intuitive to use and may switch between several different languages and video formats.

Alfred Security Camera

You’ll need two gadgets for Alfred App to work, but that’s no problem if you happen to have an extra smartphone or tablet laying around. Once the software has been installed on both devices, the older device will act as the hardware camera to look over the target region. One acts as the camera, while the other works as the viewing interface, through which you may examine the captured footage.


You can observe what’s going on in the field of vision or capture a segment of the event for later review or spy on spouse without them knowing in the corresponding place. Take advantage of the walkie-talkie function to communicate with one another or to frighten away intruders.

Presence Video Security Camera

One alternative app to Alfred is the Presence Video Security Camera. It’s a great way to recycle outdated smartphones. As with Alfred, this app requires installation on two separate mobile devices. Both devices are required; one will serve as the camera and the other, your own phone, will be utilized to view the footage captured by the other.

You can always check in on the kids or the pet, even if you have to go out of town. Use your phone as an intercom with the help of this handy software. This function is helpful when you need to silence a crying child or frighten away a potential robber.


It also has the fantastic ability to send you notifications whenever anything significant occurs at your location. You’ll get a notification on your phone right away so you can activate the camera at the proper time. There are a lot of situations in which this app might be helpful.

Silent Secret Camera

The Silent Secret Camera app is perfect for those times when you want to snap a snapshot of your sleeping newborn, a quiet library, wildlife in the wild, or anything else in complete silence. With the silent operation and hidden screen settings, you may capture candid moments without worrying about anyone catching you in the act.