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Zookynoid thanks you are the best

Few hours ago I was here and about to post my project then I read a post recommending Zookynoid for helping, I went to him on Instagram and he explained to me the process and also get me access into my cheating target

Posted on: 30th Jan 2023 14 days, 16 hours, 25 min left Verified User


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Zookynoid Is a Scam: Need to hire a professional hacker

Zookynoid is a wannabe scam hacker. Avoid HIM!!. Need A remote access into your target phone, viewing all social media accounts on target phone, access to full WhatsApp including Snapchat and instagram. Gaining access to target phone full, knowing the exact location of target?

Posted on: 20th Jan 2023 5 days, 4 hours, 45 min left Verified User


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Pro Hactive: The Place to Meet professional Fund Recovery Hackers!

Pro Hactive is the platform where fraud victims can find, connect, and hire a professional fund recovery hacker. You can count on us to reach out to hackers and get your funds back from the scammers sitting in any corner of the world.

We are also the space for ethical hackers to find jobs. Whether you are an ethical hacker or a scam victim, we are here to serve all of you.

Let Our Ethical Hackers Take Care of Your Fund Recovery!

The internet is a space where you strive to connect to the world for different reasons. However, there are chances that you can end up meeting scammers. They can be responsible for the loss of funds and assets through romance scams, tax refund scams, cryptocurrency scams, bitcoin scams, binary scams, and several others.

At Pro Hactive, we can connect you to professional fund recovery hackers!

Finance Frauds and Their Impact

Financial frauds have been occurring ever since the existence of commerce. The development in technology and commerce, though advantageous, have also seen them advancing. No one can ever overstate the aftermath of these deceptions.

There is a whole world of financial frauds out there and can include a variety of kinds. For instance, one might even get under the trap of phishing, approval requests for a credit card, lottery scams, and many others. Let’s provide you with insights into some of the financial frauds one may face:

● Phishing:This deception refers to accessing confidential details such as credit card details, birth date, or passwords.

● Lottery Scams:It can include an email which states you have won a big buck. Nevertheless, before you can access it, you will have to pay a gigantic fee.

● Employment Opportunities:These scams can include the promise to provide employment opportunities in exchange for money.

● Free Vacation:The scammer will tell you that you have won a vacation but later ask you to make payments.

● Loan/Credit Call:The caller can demand you an upfront fee in exchange for an instant loan/credit card approval.

In addition to these major kinds of online financial frauds, one might encounter scammers through:

● Cryptocurrency Scams: These phishing scams often aim at information regarding online wallets.

● Tax Refund Scams:In this category, the scammer can impersonate government agents and demand personal information or access to crucial tax-related information.

● Romance Scams:As the title speaks about itself, these scams can include criminals making a fake online identity to gain the trust of the victim.

Later on, they use the illusion of a friendship or romantic relationship to trick for money or some other cause.

Whatever scam has brought you here, we can find its solution. When you have reached us to hire a professional funds recovery hacker, you have already taken your first step towards combating the scammers out there.

Let us now tell you about whom you are going to contact and how they can assist you:

Ethical Hacker

Also known as a white-hat hacker, an ethical hacker is a professional with expertise in information security. He/she can get access to a network, computer system, applications, or computer resources of other kinds with the owner's authorization and on their behalf.

At Pro Hactive, we will act as the platform where you can meet qualified and experienced hackers. If you are a hacker, we will serve as the medium where you can connect with your potential clients. Here is the step-by-step explanation of what you need to do:

If You are Looking for Hackers:

If you are someone who wants to hire the professional fund recovery hackers, here are the steps you need to follow:

● Above, you will find a form that will ask about the details of your project. You must fill it with the particulars it has asked for

● Once you have added the relevant information, we will post that on our portal

● After that, you must wait for the professional hackers to reach you back

If You are Looking for Jobs:

At Pro Hactive, we also serve as the medium through which, being an ethical hacker, you can find jobs for yourself. Here is what you have to do after having registered yourself and visiting us:

● Scroll the projects posted on our platform

● Shortlist the ones you want to work on as per your preferences

● Start working

The Costs of Hiring a Hacker

When it comes to determining the costs to hire a professional fund recovery hacker, several factors can come in the way. The list for the same can include market conditions, experience and expertise, and location. Though a proficient hacker might charge a little more, you can expect a faster response and result. Similarly, a new hacker in the process of establishing can demand competitively.

At Pro Hactive, we connect you to proficient hackers.