Recover funds from scammers for a very good cause

Projects//Recover funds from scammers for a very good cause

Project Description

I belong to a group of US doctors in New Jersey of many specialties who were asked to provide medical care in our area to a Ukrainian family that had just arrived in the US. They were suffering from shock, bronchitis and pneumonia. We immediately volunteered our expertise. Our pharmacist friend provided medications, also at no charge. We caught the bug and now we want so much to do more! We want to buy a lot of medical supplies and donated pharmaceuticals and go to Poland and do the only thing we know how to do – doctoring. But we didn’t have enough money for what we wanted to do. So someone introduced us to a crypto mining project called – it generates a lot of money mining ETH from a pool of investment (I know I know, if it seems to good to be true – doctors are notoriously terrible at business) so we thought we could raise a lot of money doing this so more of us could go to Poland and bring more medical supplies. Our pool of money has grown to $700,000 – guess what? they keep making up excuses why they need more money and fees to allow us to withdraw our money. It is so obviously a scam, but for the scammers the money generated from mining ETH coin is very real – they are making unbelievable millions and millions of dollars from idealistic idiots like us. Their customer support WhatsApp # is +14386887881 and website is Our ID# is 10750.

For the same reason, we got involved in another site that also turned out to be a scam, – a place to trade crypto, metals and currencies. An investment professional, who it turns out is in Hong Kong and sounded very professional, would text us and tell us to buy a “Buy” or “sell” a contract on XAU/USD or BTC/USD or GBP/USD etc (gold, bitcoin and British pound) – each contract would be chosen to be 60 seconds, or 180 seconds, or 24 hours, each paying a profit of 30%, 75%, 10% etc. It never failed to win, every single time. When I wanted to make a withdrawal, they said that I first had to pay 10% in tax, in the form of USDT, a crypto coin that exactly tracks the US dollar. That’s when it became clear this was a scam. The account’s value had grown to $540,000. That money could do SO much good!

Imagine what that money could do!!! We are very very legitimate. Call me any time 201-694-2270. PLEASE help! We could even pay as a percentage of funds recovered.